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1137araucaria-araucana-monkey-puzzle Ref 1137 Hollow form. Wood type Araucaria araucana ~ Monkey Puzzle DimensionH 34cm x D 31cmCost £350.00

1138fagus-sylvatica-spalted-beech Ref 1138 Hollow form. Wood type Fagus sylvatica ~ Spalted Beech DimensionH 22m x D 17cm SOLD  
1139australian-myrtle-with-blackwood-finial-and-base Ref 1139 Hollow form. Wood type Australian Myrtle with Blackwood finial and base Dimension H 34m x D 16cm Cost £375.00
1140platanus-x-hispanica-london-plane Ref 1140 Vase. Wood type Platanus x hispanica ~ London Plane Dimension H 28m x D 16cmSOLD
1141platanus-x-hispanica-london-plane Ref 1141 Vase. Wood type Platanus x hispanica ~ London Plane DimensionH 23 x D 16cmCost £75.00

1142sequoia-genus-redwood-burl Ref 1142 Bowl. Wood type Sequoia (genus) ~ Redwood Burl Dimension H 6.5 x D 29cm Cost £175.00