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We welcome Anna to our gallery, come and view some new amazing prints from Anna Smallwood, Anna has perfectly           drawn a selection of animals in fine detail.

Welcome to Wendy Earley, Debra Esterhuizen, Dee Duff and Christina Bishop who now join our present artists exhibiting their work in our large contemporary art gallery here at Kraft Village.


Wendy Earley we are pleased to include Wendy our latest artist to exhibit here at Kraft Village. Her work is excellent and includes a quite diverse range from Fine detailed pencil drawings to Acrylic paintings and Sculptures.

Debra Esterhuizen Debra’s work is amazing, her pictures with their fine detail and colours are not actually paint at all but are created with the skilful use of felts. Debra lives in Cumbria and passes on her unbelievable talent at various workshop events which are well  attended and found to be therapeutic.

Gordon King Gordon is without doubt one of our countries most well-known and outstanding contemporary artists. Each ‘masterpiece’ is instantly recognisable whether it be oil, watercolour or acrylic and can only be best described as excellent and we are privileged to exhibit his superior work.

Poppi Harrison Poppi is a resident artist here at Kraft Village and paints mostly in oils. Her attention to  fine detail and colour is commendable and which she painstakingly portrays onto canvas. The finished pictures depict her heart felt love for the beauty of flowers, whatever the time of year these beautiful paintings will bring a reminder of the season and promise of Spring, Summer or Winter.

 Simon Childs Simon’s digital creations are unbelievably impressive. The original colourful and geometric prints are mounted on a metal backing and then a specialised type of coating is applied to provide a must  see and amazing explosion of depth and magical qualities ~ “mesmerising”.

Peter Rhoades Peter is a professional photographer specialising in natural subjects and wildlife. His patience and ability to find and photograph the beauty of nature is second to none. The artist inside Peter is only satisfied with the very best prints and so following hours of work and multitudes of shots a minority  are intuitively selected for the highest quality and definition resulting in his unique breath-taking images.  

Chloe Harford   Chloe makes wonderful Raku fired animal sculptures inspired by the wildlife around the world and in particular from the surrounding woodlands and banks of the river Taymar surrounding her workshop. Chloe’s work is in great demand and are obtainable from over 20 galleries throughout the country. Come and see our selection of these beautiful detailed pieces. 

Christina Bishop    ‘Egg craft’  Christina makes beautiful decorated eggs. Starting with duck, goose, swan and ostrich egg’s etc they are carefully cut and crafted into a variety of methods and shapes then painted and decorated with hand made flowers. The fine detail is enhanced with decorative ribbons and beads etc. Christina takes commissions and can make the perfect gift for a range of different uses such as jewellery, weddings, displays etc. 

Duffs of London   The stones used in these exquisite pieces were individually selected by Dee in Sri Lanka, each stone is hand or laser cut. Once polished the gems are mounted to form a variety of bracelets, bangles, rings, necklaces and ear rings. See this beautiful range of unique jewellery.

Robert Bishop RPT There are those that turn wood and then there are wood turners. Robert is a wood turner that creates beautiful one off pieces that are often more art form than turning. His stunning work is included in collections worldwide as well as the UK. These special pieces are inspirational and more often than not dictated by the individual wood as opposed to any initial pre conceived ideas. These are indeed special skills that endorse the Kraftinwood logo ethos ~  ’Turning trees into treasure’. 

Gail Knight Gail is often described as a master in resin art and is unsurpassed in her field. Her bespoke paintings bring a noticeable ‘wow’ when you see the use of vibrant colour and techniques. Not surprisingly Gail’s exceptional work attract worldwide demand.          




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