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If you would like to add to your collection of turned items or perhaps to order a gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary etc I will be pleased to provide a quotation to make you a unique woodturning.

Each item is hand crafted, there are no automatic copy machines here at Kraftinwood.

Alternatively describe what you are interested in a bowl, vase or hollow form etc and I can send you some shapes or a design for you to consider.

Many organisations including business and golf clubs fed up with the usual pewter, silver or bronze prize for awards have now discovered ‘wood’ which is much more tactile and interesting……………and ‘unlike metal’ it doesn’t need hiding away rather than having to polish it regularly !!!!.

Once your enquiry is received whether it be for 1 or 100 items we will quickly provide you with a cost and estimated delivery time.

Please do not be afraid to ask. If you are not sure what wood you require just state light, medium or dark colour and we can provide you with available options and even send you a small sample if necessary.